Gordon Munro

Takes you on a captive and mesmerizing journey

Performances for schools, campground programs

fairs, historical events and more.

About Gordon

Gordon is dressed in Renaissance Fair clothing

He works with your budget

Gordon does storytelling in N.W. Oregon and S.W. Washington. Usually within 90 miles from Silverton, Oregon. More distance may have a fee applied and gas mileage, usually under a 2 hour trip.

He has captivated audiences for over 28 years with his enthusiastic and informative style. He'll work with your budget and set up using his own
 speakers and microphone.


The Spoken Word

The rhythm of the drum and the spoken word weave together to take us to another time and place. They take us to story time where the confines and rules of this world slip away and the imagination is set free. 

Gordon has a gift of the language arts. 

He can come dressed in Renaissance clothing to tell 
folk, myth and fairy tales or can dress the part of the Oregon Pioneers
 taking you back into historical reminiscence.


About Gordon's Storytelling

Gordon Munro has been a Storyteller over 27 years.
The stories originate from all parts of the world including:
Europe, Asia, Africa, the Orient, the Middle East,

North America and more.

The Stories are: Myths, folk tales, fairy tales and historical stories.
Gordon has done storytelling for: Grade - High Schools
College Classes • Historical Festivals • Community Centers Programs • Bookstores • Libraries • Renaissance Fair's
State Park Programs • Cub Scouts • Corporate and Historical Events.

Historical Stories of Oregon are from books and people who gave historical information of their past to Gordon personally.

Storytelling Events in Oregon


July: Historic Days, Silver Falls State Park

See Gordon doing storytelling of Silver Falls History on Second weekend of July. More info coming soon.


September: Shrewsbury Renaissance Fair and Celtic fair.

Gordon will be at the Shrewsbury Renaissance Fair, Second weekend in September. Sometimes he walks around the Fair randomly with varied tales. 

September 22nd, Gordon will be at the Celitc Fair,

at Shute Park in Hillsboro, Oregon.


State Park Campground Campfire Storytelling

Photo coming soon of Campfire storytelling. Meanwhile here he is on vacation in July 2018, at 3 Mile Lake, Near Takenitch Campground

in Oregon with his Wife, Melanie.

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Looking for a Storyteller

Do you have questions about what Gordon can do for your event? Are you interested in collaborating with his storytelling and are a musician?

Send Gordon a message and he will get back to you soon. Sorry we're not on Social Media.

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